Medi Mike’s Medi World – Episode #8

In this action packed episode Medi Mike and The Jon Allen talk about Nug Life Wrestling in association with AWA wrestling. The December and January Nuggetts are announced. We see high-lights from Medi Mike’s trip to Bloodfest. Egbert goes to the street during the midnight release of COD Black Ops II. We feature a special sketch courtsey of The Tunguska Yacht Club. We introduce some new cast members and finally The Jon Allen sits down for a special interview with Donnell Rawlings at the Mad House Comedy Club.

Medi Mike’s Medi World – Episode #7


On this episode: After a short hiatus we are back. Comedian Doug Benson ( is interviewed. NugLife’s Medi World the number one in medical marijuana entertainment. Starring comedians Medicinal Mike and The Jon Allen in all sorts of hijinx. New Miss Nuggette Cervena Fox!!


MIKE’S MEDI WORLD – Episode #6

On this episode: Wrestling Superstar and Legend, Rob Van Dam is interview, We have a thorough discussion on Indi Renegade, NugLife’s Miss Nuggette July, We discuss NugLife Live! August 3rd at The Yard San Diego. Benji on the Green screen all over town, and more.

MIKE’S MEDI WORLD – Episode #5

On this fifth installment, Stewie Griffin stops by to discuss some recent events, inspired by things being thrown up or at us. Tommy Lucero stops by to hang out, smoke, and re-cap We also discuss the AWA’s (American Wrestling Alliencs) Summer Slam Jam event we filmed recently, where Benji almost has an econunter with AWA Star “Mr.Megastar” Tommy Wilson.  We talk about the The Bloodthirsty VIxen, we use the Green Screen, Benji,’s Rebacca Black parody song “Somewhere it’s 420”,  We go over new ways to ge medicated, Kermit, Butters, and Kanye have “cameos” too, plus more. With shoutouts from Zhivago Blea, Gordon Downs, and Stacy Riser.This show was filmed Live, on Thursday June 21, 2012. Special Shout out to Our production assistant Shelly Boris, The Yard, Black Rose Tattoo, and MOther’s Earth Hydroponics.


On the Fourth installment of Medi MIke’s “Medi World”, We introduce you to Stacy Riser, a message therapist both regular and “eye massage” (contact, We sesh with comedian/’actor Jon Huck at the American Comedy Co. after a show. We also select Miss Nuglife Nugette of the month June, it’s a hurl!. And Medi Mike tried to do some exercise, plus Jon’s voices with animations, and Benji doing something off stage.


Here’s some more


Chris “Kid” Reid of Kid N Play smokes out with Medi Mike and does the NugLife Freestyle House Party style. Jon Allen does multiple voice impersonations. Mike gets his Incredible Hulk tattoo very non manly by his abusive little brother celebrity tattoo artist Phatz. Hysterical marijuana comedy with Ben Garcia Reyes


Welcome back to the second minisode of The NugLife crew. In this episode we get to meet the legendary Henry Hemp and Mrs. Hemp. We also get to talk to Medi Mike about the Cheech and Chong autographed shoes he won at the CKExpo in Santa Monica. The great Melissa Balin from Jack Herrer’s “The Hemporer wears no clothes” gets to chill and smoke. Jon Allen, Ben Garcia Reyes, and Medicinal Michael star in NugLife’s Mad World. COMMENT PLEASE!! and SHARE Read NugMagazine!



The first mini-sode from the Nuglife Network it’s your favorite stoner Medicinal Mike. Co hosted by Comedian Benji Reyes and voice actor Jon Allen. Nuglife is bringing San Diego by storm. Leave a comment or send us mail


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